Kyle Carasso is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on motion design and art direction.

Based in central California, I have worked for many clients including David Allen, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Walters Golf, Radius Group and TechTV.

The best way to innovate is to avoid assumptions...

I take pride in my straightforward approach to building successful programs. Each project has its unique needs, and I customize my well-structured process to fit within the organization it serves. I am accountable, intelligent and refreshingly unambiguous in my brand development, making sure that each project is built to succeed by its own standards.

I create graphics with a voice. My images smell, taste & tickle you. Evolution has put graphic designers in the hot seat. Whether it's a stop sign or a web page, a bottle of aspirin or an annual report, I use a delicate mixture of all of my senses to comprehend and code what we take in. Color, texture, context, and movement have an impact on what we see and what we remember.

To be remembered, to present your best impression, to take your position with strength, this is graphic design at its best. This is my art.

Curriculum Vitae